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New Ink Recalls, EasyFlow from Mickey Sharpz with Microbiological risk

We've got new inks being recalled from the EU over the past couple of weeks.  Once again Eternal sees 4 of it's colours in...

New Stigma-Rotary® machines coming soon

Stigma-Rotary have been in the rotary tattoo machine business for quite a few years now and as the market looks to favour rotaries at...

Spektra Xion demo

New ink recalls!


Berber Tattooing

A new book released on Berber tattooing

Berber Tattooing in Morocco’s Middle Atlas is a book that's just been released, written by Felix and Loretta Leu. There's a lot of cultures we're...

Japanese art exhibition at the London Tattoo Convention

If you missed the Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum earlier this year then be sure to make your way to the London Tattoo...
Geometry in Islamic Art

The complex geometry of Islamic design

Geometric design has found a foothold in tattoo design, alot of black work and dotwork you see in tattooing is based off sacred geometry...
Poster for F. Champenois, 1897

Alphonse Mucha exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery

Alphonse Mucha, probably the most reknown artist from the art noveau period, especially when it comes to poster art. The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool...




A true workhorse

If you've been tattooing for a few years you'll possibly have a little more love for one of your machines above others, I certainly do. I...
Quanta Q Plus C

How skin types affect laser tattoo removal

I've never had laser removal on any of my tattoos, I don't know too much about the process either.  In a move to know...
Image from http://www.tattoolife.com/

Tattoo Life has a new blog and it’s pretty good

Most of the tattoo community have probably heard of Tattoo Life.  I've only ever known the magazine, as far as I know it's run...
Image from ww.kintaro-publishing.com

Shane Tan on his process for painting

If you're looking to start painting, getting back into it or paint regulary this is a great article put up by Kintaro Publishing and...

What’s in a name?!

So I get some hits on my blog/page and some of you may have noticed that the blog underwent a name change recently and...



Friction Power Supply review

Found this short review of the Friction Power Supply.  The review is ok(ish), says what is needs to I guess but I thought I'd...