This site is a blog by a tattooer.  The aim is to try and build a repository of useful articles, be a place were tattooers can keep in touch with what’s going on in the industry in terms of legislation, voice their opinions on it and perhaps even learn something about new or existing products and for blogging.

It would be great to build a list of resources which tattooers may find helpful from medical and health related links to art, tattoo and technologically related websites, hopefully that will happen in time.


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This site is self funded.  There’s a lot I’d like to do such as licensing forum software that can be integrated into the site, purchasing plugins to make the website more interactive and buying products to review that we think are worth checking out.  If you’d like to help fund this site by advertising something then please get in touch, email me on 

I’d like to note that I can only advertise products that are in keeping with the ethics and ideals of the site.


Want to help out?

If you have any ideas for the website such as articles, reviews, polls or any suggestions on the website I’d love to hear them, better yet if you’d like to contribute an article then holla on