New ink recalls!

So the EU have made a recall on 3 inks (batches), 2 being from Eternal and 1 from Biotek which from what I can see is an Italian brand mainly used for permanent makeup tattooing and microblading but has been put down as a tattoo ink so maybe some people use it for tattooing.

As with all the recalls these inks contain chemicals that are carcinogenic in the concentrations they’re found (in these inks) and outside the allowable EU standards.  If you used these colours / brands be sure to check your batch numbers.

Details and links to recall documents below :

Eternal Nuclear Green

Brand: Eternal Ink
Batch number / Barcode: batch 15383
Alert number: A12/1333/17       
 Batch number / Barcode: Lot No 16M09
Brand: Eternal Ink
Name: Dark Red
Batch number / Barcode: batch #313
Please share this page with anyone you think may use these inks.