New Stigma-Rotary® machines coming soon

Stigma Rotary Spear
Stigma Rotary Spear

Stigma-Rotary have been in the rotary tattoo machine business for quite a few years now and as the market looks to favour rotaries at the moment Stigma-Rotary have kept up with the industry, bringing out different versions of rotaries quite frequently.

With the Hyper V4 launching this month and The Spear and Stylist launching January 2018 things seem to be going well for them.

I’ve read over the specs and looked at both the Spear and Stylist and while the Spear has adjustable give they both have a similar adjustable stroke length, the Spear with 3.0mm-3.8mm and the Stylist a little less with 3.0mm-3.7mm, not that much of a difference.  They both accept most cartridges.  They both have a 6 Watt Swiss motor with 2mm shaft and two preloaded ball bearings, a protected RCA connection, a long ergonomic grip and Anti-Roll Design.  Also they both come as Pen style rotaries, running with the current trend of course.

I’m sure there’s some subtle differences and I’d advise anyone looking to buy one of them to do your research (links below).

You almost feel you’d just go for paying a bit more for the Spear than they Stylist (which would be a difference of around £140 as of time of writing), just for the adjustable give, and to be honest ‘Stylist’ sounds kind of pretentious or maybe like you should’ve taken up hairdressing.

Check out the specs here and let us know which would be your pick.