New Ink Recalls, EasyFlow from Mickey Sharpz with Microbiological risk

Tattoo Ink Recall
Tattoo Ink Recall

We’ve got new inks being recalled from the EU over the past couple of weeks.  Once again Eternal sees 4 of it’s colours in the mix.  I get that it’s a popular brand  so features a lot more when it comes to product recalls but let’s not forget, these inks are being recalled  because the chemicals in them are above certain concentrations that are seen as harmful to humans.  As one of the larger brands they should be at the forefront of making sure the inks they sell us are as  safe as possible.

Dynamic have their black up again with a batch of their black not meeting standards.

EasyFlow (which are a Mickey Sharpz ink) is up with a batch but 10 colours and batches being recalled, the reason microbiological, for the recall is because the ink is contaminated by aerobic mesophilic bacteria and mould, posing a risk of infections.  Worrying…


Details are below, please have a look, make sure you’re keeping your customers safe and share with other tattooers.

Recalled Inks

Brand: Dynamic
Name: Black
Type / number of model: Colour index 77266
Batch number / Barcode: 1.) Lot 91024110, 2.) Lot 91022050
Brand: Eternal Ink
Name: Georgia Peach
Type / number of model: Unknown
Batch number / Barcode: Lot 27.06.14
Brand: Eternal Ink
Name: Burnt Orange
Type / number of model: Unknown
Batch number / Barcode: Batch 25.3.15
Brand: Easy Flow
Name: Harvest Brown, Rich Praline; Dark Olive Green; Leaf Green, Navy Blue, Mid Yellow; Burnt Orange; Deepest Violet, Mid Purple, Deep Purple
Type / number of model: Unknown
Batch number / Barcode: D24/3; D33/1; D32/1; D13/3; D39/6; D20/4, D22/4;D36/2;D26/2;C36/2