Product recall on 3 inks – Eternal and Intenze

So there’s been another product recall on 3 batches of ink, 2 Eternal (both of which are Deep Red) and one from Intenze which is Dark Tone (I think this is from the Bob Tyrrell greywash range).

The two Eternal Deep Red batches are especially worrying as the presence of aromatic amine anisidine in the product isn’t above any acceptable levels (which is usually the case with these recalls), it’s not suppose to be in the ink at all.  It’s banned from use in tattoo and cosmetic makeup products as it’s carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic and sensitising.  So how the hell did it get there?


The Intenze Dark Tone is being recalled because of the unacceptable levels of the carcinogen : polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH)s, including benzo(a)pyrene (measured values: benzo(a)pyrene: 0.02 mg/kg; total of PAHs: 145 mg/kg). Some PAHs are carcinogenic. Benzo(a)pyrene is a carcinogenic PAH.

Links to more information below :

Eternal Ink, Deep Red, Batch 040616

Eternal Ink, Deep Red, 960315

Intenze, Dark Tone, Batch SS192, expiry date 31/08/2019