Friction Power Supply review

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Found this short review of the Friction Power Supply.  The review is ok(ish), says what is needs to I guess but I thought I’d link it because I bought one of these a few years back.

I pretty much bought it because it was small and I needed to make more space on the shelf under my workstation.  It’s definitely small, it does a good job though and is pretty durable (being so light I’ve pulled it off my shelf a few times…), the only problem I’ve had with it after 3 or so years is that the dial slips a little which means you end up turning it a few times to adjust it, this only happens occasionally though.  It may be that I need to open it up and tighten something, I guess I’ll check it out if it gets any worse.

I wouldn’t use it for tuning a machine just because I like to see things like the amps, duty cycle ect…. with this little guy you just get the volts on an LED screen, but if you’re putting together a convention or travel case or need to make some space then this little power pack is probably worth forking some cash out for (and it’s pretty cheap).

If you’re in the market for one check out the review.