What’s in a name?!

So I get some hits on my blog/page and some of you may have noticed that the blog underwent a name change recently and I thought I’d explain.

So when I decided to start this it was out of frustration with our local Council.  We thought of looking into this Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme because they asked us if we’d like to join.  Part of the process is to be part of professional organisation that seeks to improve and uphold the hygiene processes in tattooing.  We were pointed in the direction of the TPIU (Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union).  I didn’t want to join them for reasons I’ll outline in another post some time.  That left us with coming up with our own organisation, in hindsight it probably was a knee jerk reaction.

Anyway so someone mentioned a tattooers network, so I went along and registered the domain name www.tattooersnetwork.co.uk.  After using for a while it just felt prententious, I mean who the hell am I to say this is the tattooers network (and besides it was only me on the site, a network of one!), it wasn’t what I was aiming for and so I fell back on my first idea for a name which was ‘Three Point Stretch’, a term that was drilled into me by my mentor and became synonymous with slaps on the back of the head.  So yeah, I’m happy with this name, I don’t represent anyone or claim to and that’s the way I want like it, and that’s the reason it’s changed.  Oh and the doodles all used in the site logo and all over the place are courtesy of my daughter.